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About Us

We are in the business of illuminating and connecting the leaders in today’s global culture. From media and entertainment, sports to health and wellness, from blockchain and social impact to venture capital and from London to Brooklyn to Los Angeles we are the people making things happen in business and the creative economy every day. The Authenticated network are the Founders, Funders and Bosses driving the creative economy and investing in culture. We dream big, play hard and love to connected and be connected. 

This community exists because we found the current gatherings, clubs, houses, associations to be less and less interesting, diverse, and digital. We built The Authenticated 3 years ago to be the social network for those who are looking for true community, authentic stories and content and inspiring events around the world. The network is a "mixed bag of hustle" from Famous Rappers to European Royalty, unashamedly black, brown, female, immigrant and all the “other” often not represented in mainstream culture. We meet for dinners, convene at conferences and dance in private rooms around the world. 

Our founder, James Andrews is a well sought after global business and brand consultant, public speaker, investor, content creator and soon to be author. Clearly he’s also a multi-hyphenate which sounds like most of us these days. In all of his experiences and connections comes a deep desire to live in the unexpected and tell the stories of the untold. So if Soho House, Davos, Monocle and Fast Company put on a pair of Adidas Shell Toes that would be The Authenticated. So much history, so much knowledge, so much wisdom, all for you to be immersed in and inspired by. The Authenticated are coming from startups in Palo Alto, family offices in New York, entertainment companies in Hollywood, government buildings in Dubai and social impact companies in Tel Aviv. Welcome to your new playground and marketplace for connections, knowledge and opportunities. 

Why You Should Join

1. Meet people just like you. All titles, industries and creators are welcome, a**holes are not. 

2. Share stories, experiences, and ideas with the biggest brains on the planet

3. Get answers to questions you can’t just Google, find resources from people who are willing to share. 

4. Learn faster and make better decisions because you are with those in the know in their fields

5. Find inspiration from members on the same path

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all of our supporters. We are a community built with generosity at the center of our value system. We recognize you and appreciate you